Create beautiful lashes in NO time

This particular type of fan has a standard thin base and a wide top just like a handmade fan.

Give clients the ultimate volume look in instant by using our range of volume fans. Our 3D pre-made volume lashes are exactly what your range of offering is missing.

3D volume fans are 3 lashes combined together which forms a volume lash that is applied one natural lash providing a luscious volume application for your clients in no time.

Pre- made volume fans in particular short stem lashes are perfect for client with few lashes or gaps in their natural lash line. The wider fan will give you luscious full looks when you don’t have much to work with. This product is perfect for those starting out in the lash industry or a lash technician who are only classic trained these are perfect for you as no volume training is required to perform these.


  • Fans: 1000
  • Curl: C/D
  • Diameter: 07
  • Length: 8mm to 15mm
  • Cost per 100 fans: AUD 1.5


  • Use volume or curved tweezers to gently shake lashes to separate them.
  • Apply the same way you apply 1:1 (classic) eyelash extensions.


Our products are ethnically sourced and are environmentally sustainable, cruelty free & vegan friendly.